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A Cappella Group (OshCappella)

We invite people on campus to sing and be a part of something unique. We want to enjoy music as a group and what better way than a cappella?


The Advance-Titan is the official newspaper of UW Oshkosh.

Advertising Club (Ad Club)

The UWO Ad Club is a way for advertising students to network with peers and professionals, see agency life, gain real-world experience through the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition and grow professionally.

Allen Priebe Art Gallery Board (Priebe Art)

The Allen Priebe Art Gallery Board is a student run organization elected annually to select artists for exhibitions held in the Allen Priebe and Annex Galleries on campus.

Alliance for Diverse Professionals (ADP)

The Alliance of Diverse Professionals is a student organization that focuses on developing diversity management skills and the inclusion of underrepresented groups in the COB, on campus, and in our community.

Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD)

Alpha Lambda Delta is a Freshmen Honor Society. ALD helps students get involved in volunteer work around the community as long as on campus. This organization also encourages students to do exceptionally well in their first semester on campus.

Alpha Phi Sigma

National Criminal Justice Honor Society chapter of UWO.

Alpha Sigma Lambda-Omega Kappa (Alpha Sigma Lambda)

Nontraditional student, honor society

Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Xi Delta is a diverse group of women that are involved in various organizations on campus, but who all share a common bond of sisterhood.

Alta Resources Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization (CEO)

Giving students the knowledge, resources, connections and confidence to reach their professional goals.

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