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Advertising Club (Ad Club)

The UWO Ad Club is a way for advertising students to network with peers and professionals, see agency life, gain real-world experience through the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition and grow professionally.

Anthropology Club (Anthropology)

UW - Oshkosh, Anthropology and its four sub-fields: Archaeology, Cultural, Linguistics and Physical. We often have various club events to discuss different aspects of these four sub-fields. See our Facebook page for event information.

Art Education Student Chapter (Art Education)

art, education, art education, professional

Beta Alpha Psi- Accounting Club (Beta Alpha Psi)

The UW Oshkosh Accounting club involves its members in the accounting business world by having guest speakers, field trips, socials and other activities.

Biology & Microbiology Club (Biology)

The Biology/Microbiology Club is a welcoming organization that seeks to inform the student body about the field of biology.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club exists to provide professional development experience as well as a community uncharacteristic of a typical undergraduate experience.

Chi Sigma Iota

honor, counselor, professional, counseling, research

Communication Club (Comm Club)

Academic and professional networking, community involvement, volunteering, and having fun with other Communication majors/minors!

Computer Science Club (Computer Science)

Computer Science Club is open to all students of any major. We meet every Wednesday at 7:00pm - 8:00pm in Halsey 175. Email Taylor for any questions you have.

Criminal Justice Association (CJA)

Broadens knowledge and better educates students in the Criminal Justice areas as well as familiarizes students with career opportunities.

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