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Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter (Habitat for Humanity)

We work through the local Oshkosh affiliate and help them build houses and help to fight poverty and housing for the families.

His House Christian Fellowship (His House)

His House Christian Fellowship exists to develop non-believers into believers and believers into disciples who will live for Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

History Club

History Club is an organization for students or faculty interested in learning about or talking about historical events.

Hmong Student Union (HSU)

Hmong Student Union (HSU) is a student organization which promotes awareness of the Hmong culture, provides leadership opportunities and serve as an academic, social, and networking resource.

Human Services Leadership Student Organization (HSLSO)

Establishes social interaction between Human Services students and faculty members, and provides members with opportunities to hear from guest speakers from various areas of the Human Services field as well as extracurricular workshops and programs.