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Omega Delta Phi (ODPhi)

The purpose of this Brotherhood, a service/social fraternity, is to dedicate ourselves to the needs and concerns of the surrounding communities and promote and maintain the traditional values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership.

Order of Omega-Omicron Kappa Chapter (Order of Omega)

Bring together outstanding fraternity men & women to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs.

Oshkosh Collegiate Composers (OCC)

Oshkosh Collegiate Composers (OCC) is guided by UW Oshkosh Music Faculty and meets on campus in a biweekly seminar. Guest presenters and composers present their original work to students and speak on a variety of topics related to music composition.

Oshkosh Collegiate Music Teachers Association (OCMTA)

Our aim is to make a difference for those interested in teaching music by creating professional connections to music educators and performers on a national level.

Oshkosh Gaming Society (OGS)

Oshkosh, Gaming Society is a free and open gateway for fellow gamers of all varieties to come forth and share their passion for dice, frags, headshots, knockouts, world-domination, and gaming in general.

Oshkosh Physical Education Club (OPEC)

The Oshkosh Physical Education Club's main purpose is to get its members out in the community. We want our members to know the latest innovations in the field of health, physical education, adaptive physical education and recreation.

Oshkosh Student Association (OSA)

The OSA is the student government that represents all students regarding issues and policies relating to academic and non-academic scores. Established in 1959, we are an advocate for the best interests of the students at UWO.

Oshkosh Student Nurses Association (OSNA)

OSNA is a pre-professional organization for students who are nursing majors at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.