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Campus for Awareness and Relationship Education (CARE/MenCARE) (CARE)

Raising awareness on campus and in the community about Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, and Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships.

College Democrats (Democrats)

The UW-Oshkosh College Democrats seek to establish a progressive voice on campus that represents minorities, women, the elderly, the poor, the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised and the military in the American political process. We do so with honor.

College Republicans (Republicans)

The UW Oshkosh College Republicans is an organization branching off of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans and College Republicans National Committee. We strive to spread the conservative message on campus and throughout the community.

Communication Club (Comm Club)

Academic and professional networking, community involvement, volunteering, and having fun with other Communication majors/minors!

Diversity of Neurotype and Ability alliance (DNA)

An organization for students who identify as disabled or neuroatypical to get together and discuss our experiences on campus, as well as discuss ways to improve the campus.

Model United Nations (Model UN)

An organization with a tradition of excellence dedicated to researching the most relevant international issues and debating solutions to these problems through the framework of the United Nations.

NAMI UW-Oshkosh

National Alliance on Mental Illnesses (NAMI) at UW-Oshkosh will promote, educate, and spread awareness about mental illnesses and the stigmas surrounding them.

Oshkosh Student Association (OSA)

The OSA is the student government that represents all students regarding issues and policies relating to academic and non-academic scores. Established in 1959, we are an advocate for the best interests of the students at UWO.

Rainbow Alliance for H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Perceive Equality) (HOPE)

HOPE is a non-profit social, educational and support organization for the Gender, Sexual, and romantically Diverse (GSRD) community.

Social Justice Club (SJ Club, SJC)

The purpose of Social Justice club is to provide insight to injustices while also creating events on campus to educate and combat issues.

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