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Advertising Club (Ad Club)

The UWO Ad Club is a way for advertising students to network with peers and professionals, see agency life, gain real-world experience through the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition and grow professionally.

Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD)

Alpha Lambda Delta is a Freshmen Honor Society. ALD helps students get involved in volunteer work around the community as long as on campus. This organization also encourages students to do exceptionally well in their first semester on campus.

Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Xi Delta is a diverse group of women that are involved in various organizations on campus, but who all share a common bond of sisterhood.

American Red Cross Club (UWO ARC)

The UW Oshkosh American Red Cross Club strives to learn, practice, and exemplify humanitarian values through youth service projects and partnerships with other community groups along side the American Red Cross Northeast Chapter.

Anthropology Club (Anthropology)

UW - Oshkosh, Anthropology and its four sub-fields: Archaeology, Cultural, Linguistics and Physical. We often have various club events to discuss different aspects of these four sub-fields. See our Facebook page for event information.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

The UW Oshkosh Asian Student Association (ASA) is a student organization that promotes, encourages, inspires and supports cultural awareness on campus.

Be the Match (BTM)

UWO Be the Match efforts support the awareness of (& dispels myths about) Bone Marrow Donation on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus and in the surrounding community. UWO Be the Match also organizes registry events each semester.

Beat2Soul (Dance Crew)

Dance, Culture, Art, Music, Performance, Recreation, Hobby, Social, Entertainment

Beta Theta Pi

Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to developing men of principle and lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct, and responsible citizenship.

Biology & Microbiology Club (Biology)

The Biology/Microbiology Club is a welcoming organization that seeks to inform the student body about the field of biology.

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