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A Cappella Group (OshCappella)

We invite people on campus to sing and be a part of something unique. We want to enjoy music as a group and what better way than a cappella?

Alta Resources Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization (CEO)

Giving students the knowledge, resources, connections and confidence to reach their professional goals.

American Red Cross Club (UWO ARC)

The UW Oshkosh American Red Cross Club strives to learn, practice, and exemplify humanitarian values through youth service projects and partnerships with other community groups along side the American Red Cross Northeast Chapter.

Anthropology Club (Anthropology)

UW - Oshkosh, Anthropology and its four sub-fields: Archaeology, Cultural, Linguistics and Physical. We often have various club events to discuss different aspects of these four sub-fields. See our Facebook page for event information.

Be the Match (BTM)

UWO Be the Match efforts support the awareness of (& dispels myths about) Bone Marrow Donation on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus and in the surrounding community. UWO Be the Match also organizes registry events each semester.

Beta Alpha Psi- Accounting Club (Beta Alpha Psi)

The UW Oshkosh Accounting club involves its members in the accounting business world by having guest speakers, field trips, socials and other activities.

Biology & Microbiology Club (Biology)

The Biology/Microbiology Club is a welcoming organization that seeks to inform the student body about the field of biology.

Boxing Workout Club (Boxing)

Boxing is both a practical method of self defense and one heck of a work out. We have all types of equipment as well to help you become a fearsome pugilist, so come on down and work with us.

Campus for Awareness and Relationship Education (CARE/MenCARE) (CARE)

Raising awareness on campus and in the community about Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, and Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club exists to provide professional development experience as well as a community uncharacteristic of a typical undergraduate experience.

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