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Biology and Microbiology Journal Club (JMB)

Undergraduate and graduate students meet biweekly to discuss original journal articles pertaining to advances in biology and microbiology research with good company and delicious snacks.

Engineering Club

Our goals: To connect students with real local industrial engineering sector employers through site visits and speakers To provide students opportunities to enhance their professional portfolio and internship options in engineering and related fields

Information Systems Club (IS Club)

The Information System at the University of Oshkosh provides a professional environment to learn about the major, network with professionals in the field, and connect with fellow classmates.

Interactive Web Management Club (IWM Club)

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Interactive Web Management Club gives students the opportunity to learn more about career options and network with business professionals and fellow students within their field.

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

SPS at UWO is a club full of opportunities for those interested in a career in Physics or Engineering. You do not need to be a Physics or Engineering major to attend, the group is open to all!

Titan TV

Titan TV is a student-run television station that creates original programming, educates fellow students in television production and management, and fosters leadership and the sharing of knowledge.

UW- Oshkosh Aviation Club (University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, Aviation Club)

We’re a club of people passionate about all things aviation related! We offer educational experiences, social activities, and resources to fly. Many of us want to become pilots, but diverse opportunities in all aspects of aviation will be explored.